Due to the large number of orders that we have, we are no longer accepting any additional orders. We will have a variety of baked goods available for walk-in customers such as donuts, danish, coffee cakes, cookies and a variety of cakes. We hope that you visit the bakery for a final treat, but please have patience, as we have been very busy, and be prepared for a wait in the line.  The bakery will be open 7am to 5pm, with our last day being Saturday, April 30th.  We look forward to your visit!

100 plus years, with gratitude

My grandparents, Joseph and Antonie Dinkel, founded this business in March 1922 and it has been in our family for four generations. My family is grateful for their hard work and dedication to laying the foundation for the bakery it is today: widely known and a true Chicago landmark. I would also like to thank my late father, Norman J. Dinkel for continuing the tradition of excellence until it became my time to take the reins. And I am forever grateful to my late wife, Holly, for her role in helping me maintain and continually improve our high standards for our quality bakery goods. Over the past dozen years, our manager Luke Karl has proved himself invaluable and I am eternally grateful for his hard work and dedication. Furthermore, Dinkel's would never have been able to earn its reputation without the diligence and commitment we have received from our all our staff over the 100+ years we have been in business. We are grateful for our suppliers for providing us with ingredients of the highest quality that enabled us to create products unrivaled in the city of Chicago. And last, but not least, our loyal customers have been the ones who have truly made Dinkel’s into an establishment that became part of your lives: from your everyday coffee and donut, to creating cakes for your weddings, baby showers and birthdays. We have been with you in sad times as well, providing baked goods for funerals and grieving families. Please know we have been honored to be a part of your lives all these years.

With 100 plus years in business it is now time to say goodbye. It has been said there is a time, and a place for everything. With love and gratefulness for all our supporters, employees, neighborhood, and city, we say our farewell to you April 30, 2022.


Norman J. Dinkel