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"I just wanted to drop a note to let you know that the cake I picked up was so wonderful! I brought it in to work for a co-worker's birthday so it was shared with the whole office. Everyone was so impressed with the quality of the cake and the "birthday girl" said it was the best buttercream frosting she had ever had.

Also, I picked up a couple of donuts for my husband and he said it was the best cake donuts he ever had. If Dinkel's had a slogan, it would be "The best you ever had!"

It is pretty obvious why Dinkel's has been around for so long!

"I am emailing to say that I am currently deployed in Afghanistan. This is my 3rd deployment (one in Iraq) and I have ordered from you for years. We have many great soldiers that come into the office and enjoy your great products. Although I can order on line I always call in my large order and your staff is always so polite and helpful. It is wonderful to state my name and be asked how we are doing and be thanked for our service. Everything arrives fresh and packaged so well. I have referred friends that also do order from you.

All of your products are a hit but your brownies are the favorite of everyone. I usually order 2 or 3 dozen (along with other products) and the brownies will last no more than 2 days!!!

Again thank you for mailing to APO and having such a wonderful product that not only looks good but taste great.
Thank you for your support!!!!!

"Dear Norm,

I want to thank you for the pleasure you bring my 88 year old mother living in Florida. She grew up in Chicago and has memories of the wonderful bakeries there. She loves your stollen because it reminds her of the bakery she used to make every year and can no longer make. I finally got to taste it this last trip I made to Florida and have to admit it is delicious! I also want to thank you for making it convenient to order and provide shipping that is trustworthy. Mom always receives her "gift" in wonderful shape. Just want you to know your stollen makes a great gift and brings moments of pleasure to a special lady.

She enjoys it so much she is starting to send it to our family on the west coast!"

"Dinkel's Danish are WAY superb!"


I wanted to thank you and the Dinkel's family. The picture cake that I ordered was ready on time and was amazing! You did an outstanding job with the photo on the cake and everyone at my mother's party was commenting on how delicious the cake was. Thank you so much!"

"Mom loved her gift from Dinkel's. The strudel and fruit cake were great. Thanks for making Mom smile."

"The poppy seed strudel was DIVINE! You can't find poppy seed anything here in the south. Thanks for helping make my mother's day wonderful."

"My daughter was in Chicago this past week and stopped at your store to bring me home a poppy seed roll for Mother's Day. It is delicious! I am the only one in the family who likes poppy seed so there is never anything poppy seed in the house. We are planning a trip to Chicago this summer and we will be sure to stop at the store and pick up some more and other goodies."

"Dear Norm,

About a month ago, I ordered your special of poppy, as well as the apple & cheese strudel. Both strudels were absolutely scrumptious! Thank you for such a wonderful pastry."

"This is a heart felt thank you for your wonderful baked goods! I ordered the Raspberry Linzer Cookies and your Butter Kuchen Cake for my 80+ year old parents for Easter -Both the cookies and the cake were amazing! Needless to say, "you all were a BIG HIT" with my parents in North Carolina! Many, many thanks for making an Easter surprise wonderful for my parents! They were thrilled and enjoyed every bite! :)"

"It holds that judging culinary art depends on taste buds and cultural upbringing, although not that rigidly with judging pastry. I grew up in Europe, having lived in Austria for a couple of years and visited Linz and stayed in Vienna several times. My late brother-in-law, Marquis de Respaldiza, Graf von Haugwits and godson of Archduke Leopold had Heimatrecht in Linz. So I have some reference and experience with LINZER TORTE.

I judge your LINZER TORTE with 5 stars plus, it is one of the best I ever had!

p.s. My sister and nephew agree with my ranking!"

"Wanted to share with you that my huge order from this weekend was wonderful! My entire experience was wonderful too! The line was long in the store, but your smiling sales staff gave out free samples and worked efficiently to ensure the line was always moving. At my party everyone couldn't stop raving about the cake and cookies! It was my first time eating your cake and I have to say it just melted in my mouth! I will be sure to be back!"

"I know Dinkel's from WAY back! My birthday,graduation, WEDDING cake came from Dinkel's! I want my children to experience a tradition! My mother lived/worked in the area, we loved getting Dinkel's."

"Your delivery is the best!"
"Hello Eric - Just to let you know I received the shipment. Everything was very well received, especially the Cherry strudel. A thousand thanks to you."

"Dear Norm,

Last week I ordered a stolen for my mother for Easter. I wanted to contact to tell how pleased that I am with your fast delivery,and she said it is the best stollen that she has ever tasted! Thank you again."

"Hello Sandy,

I just had to write to tell y'all that the Cherry Strudel was a huge success this Easter with the family. Everyone really enjoyed it and I was more than happy to give your web address to everyone so you may be getting a few more orders soon. I hope that everyone at Dinkel's had a great Easter. Thank you again."


Visited Chicago this weekend. Your shop is WONDERFUL. Will be back again!!"
"Thank you so much everybody! Everyone loved the cake! It was as delicious as it was beautiful. Not only was the cake great but your staff is wonderful and the price is right. I've directed several people your way and I look forward to visiting again!"


Thank you so much for your prompt delivery and AWESOME Stollen.

I am of Swiss German heritage and have been eating Stollen for over 40 years...I must say yours is right up there with the best !!The quality of your fruit is have made a new customer out here in Oregon.

The poor driver had to hike up my steep snow covered driveway so I got my Stollen.Thank you so much for the reply and MERRY CHRISTMAS to the whole bakery crew!"

"I got a very happy phone call from my 91 year old father in Wisconsin, who had broken into his present and was enjoying it thoroughly. (My sister froze half to keep it for Christmas day). Thanks so much!"

"Just wanted to say that I got my order this past Saturday and just today I open up the Crumb Cake. This cake is to die for it -is so moist and delicious- love the coconut."

"Mr. Dinkel,

My name is Andy and I just visited your bakery for the first time today. I purchased a loaf of bread (buttercrust I believe) and some other goodies to take home. I am what I would call an amateur bread baker (I think I have finally gotten my sourdough recipie down to an art) and so I was very interested to try your bread and what started as one piece quickly became two pieces. No butter, just plain. It was very good.

The smell of your store reminded me of the bakery where my mother used to work in Kentucky and my brief visit made my afternoon. Your staff was most pleasant and I will certainly be back again. I recently moved to Chicago so it was great to find your store."

"My order has been received. Thank you so much for your quick shipping. More importantly, thank you for including all the instructions for refrigeration, freezing, slicing, etc. Again, thank you for your wonderful service!"

"Happy Holidays! Keep up the good work! It wouldn't be Christmas with items from Dinkel's and I am so happy that you ship your goodies."

"Hello Norm,

I just wanted to say congratulations on your continued success with the bakery. I travel to the city each Christmas season with friends and all of us pick up Stollen and Strudel at the market across from Macy's with all the German goods. I give the Stollen for gifts for Christmas Eve celebrations and everyone loves it!

I grew up on the North side of Chicago (Belmont & Cambridge) and mom and dad bought all our cakes (Baptisms, First Communions, Confirmations and funerals) from Dinkels. No other bakery comes close. Thanks for still being in business!

We moved to the Western Suburbs back in 1960 where I remain (I'll be 57 yrs old on New Years Eve) and still enjoying your pastries after all these years."


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