How to Order/Schedule Delivery

  1. Custom cake orders can be accepted up to closing time the day before the order is needed, with the exception of Sunday orders must be placed by 10 a.m. Saturday.
  • Shaped and very special (out of the ordinary) cake orders need at least 2 days prior notice.
  • Photos for cakes must be in store before cake can be made. (Unfortunately, we cannot use any copyrighted materials on cakes.)

**If you forget to place an order, we always have decorated cakes on hand, ready for your personal inscription.

Dinkel's Bakery Cake Policy:

Every customized cake is hand-decorated. There will be deviances from photos in as much as each cake is made to order by our skilled cake decorators.
Please be sure to review your cake decorations at the time of pick-up. If you are not satisfied with the decorations, we will re-do the cake at our expense, either while you wait in our store or at your earliest convenience.
If you are not satisfied with the cake, we will keep the cake and will refund your money. At no time will you be able to take the cake and not expect to pay for it (take the cake and get a refund).
However, once the cake decoration is approved and the cake leaves our store, all sales are final! If fillings and cake layers are not what you ordered, the error will result in a 10% store credit on your next order.


  1. Before you call, please have the following information:
  • The day and the date of the event, and how many people you are serving.
  • The names and correct spelling of the names and the greeting you want to be inscribed (written) on your cake.
  • The time you would like the cake to be ready.
  • Your credit card handy in case a deposit is requested (it will be necessary on wedding cake orders, and all orders of $50.00 or more).
  1. Delivery is available for Business locations. We do not guarantee delivery time; Cakes are delivered downtown between 11:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Before delivery occurs, cakes must be paid in full, including delivery charges, as the messenger will not collect any payment.
  1. Payment - All major credit cards accepted, and cash, are accepted.
  1. Parking - We offer free 15 minute parking in front of the bakery or metered street parking