About Us

In 1922, Dinkel's Bakery opened its doors at 3327 North Lincoln Avenue.

Dinkel's Bakery was founded by Joseph K. Dinkel. He emigrated from Bavaria, Germany where he trained as a master baker. Joseph worked together with his wife, Antonie Dinkel, to achieve a very successful retail bakery.

In 1932, his son, Norman J. Dinkel, joined the bakery. They worked together for many years providing wonderful baked goods to the Chicagoland area.

Dinkel's Bakery is now under the third generation of Dinkels. Norman J. Dinkel Jr. has continued to provide original recipes and the same great hospitality to the community. Norm Jr. has expanded the bakery's goodness worldwide via the internet www.dinkels.com. Dinkels.com has given those outside Chicago an opportunity to enjoy Dinkel's delicious products worldwide!

Through the years and now four generations, many things have remained the same, the standard of quality workmanship, original recipes and the delicious taste of our goods.

Now at Dinkel's you will find working along side Norman Dinkel are his daughter and son-in-law, Sandgren & Luke Karl and his son, Eric Dinkel.

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